Sexual Wellness

Sexual Wellness offered in Arkansas City, KS

Sexual Wellness

A healthy sex life is important to your overall mental and physical well-being. At Chestnut Wellness in Arkansas City, Kansas, board-certified surgeon Patrick Blatchford, MD, FACS, and certified nurse practitioner Heather Irving, NP, support sexual wellness by offering treatments that enhance libido, performance, and sensation. Call today or use the online tool to schedule a consultation to discuss your sexual wellness. 

What is PRP for sexual wellness?

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is a concentrated form of your own blood that stimulates tissue growth and cell turnover. Procedures using PRP start with a draw of your blood from your arm. Your provider spins the blood down in a centrifuge to concentrate the plasma (liquid) and platelets containing numerous healing and growth factors. 

The PRP is then injected strategically into the vagina or penis using a small needle. Your provider applies a numbing cream prior to treatment to make the injections comfortable. 

How do you support sexual wellness for women?

Chestnut Wellness offers several safe and effective solutions to women's problems regarding sexual wellness.  

As a woman’s hormone levels fluctuate due to aging or stress, she may experience problems with vaginal dryness, vaginal laxity, and libido. Many women, regardless of their age, struggle to achieve orgasm – finding they are weak or nonexistent. 

Mary Cherry is a solution that uses the EmpowerRF® technology made by Inmode to improve circulation in the vaginal region, which helps improve sexual satisfaction and lubrication. EmpowerRF combines radiofrequency energy and electrical muscle stimulation to provoke collagen to strengthen vaginal tissue, so intercourse is more pleasurable and no longer painful. EmpowerRF also improves pelvic floor strength to reduce symptoms of urinary incontinence. 

Chestnut Wellness also offers groundbreaking PRP injections to help improve women’s sexual wellness and reduce symptoms of urinary incontinence. The Cherry Bomb PRP injection offers the following benefits:

  • Improved clitoral sensations and stimulation
  • Smoother skin and improved coloring on the lips of the vagina (the vulva)
  • Tighter vaginal opening
  • Stronger, more frequent orgasms
  • Improved libido

The Cherry Bomb injection can also reduce inflammation from lichen sclerosis, a condition in which the skin in the female genitalia thins, becomes white, and grows wrinkly. 

How do you improve men’s sexual wellness?

Men also benefit from PRP injections that enhance their sexual well-being. The Super Stallion Shot offered at Chestnut Wellness harnesses PRP's healing and growth factors to stimulate new tissue growth within the penis. 

The Super Stallion Shot can resolve erectile dysfunction and lead to:

  • A stronger, longer-lasting erection
  • Increased blood flow and circulation
  • Improved sexual performance and stamina
  • Increased sensation and pleasure

The PRP injections also enhance the appearance and size of the penis. 

Call Chestnut Wellness today or use this website to schedule your appointment online and experience greater sexual wellness.