Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer offered in Arkansas City, KS

Fat Transfer

Do you want plumper lips, rounder buttocks, or larger breasts but aren’t quite ready for surgery? Fat transfers are a minimally invasive way to add natural volume to areas of your face and body. At Chestnut Wellness in Arkansas City, Kansas, board-certified surgeon Patrick Blatchford, MD, FACS, and certified nurse practitioner Heather Irving, NP, strategically and safely remove fat from areas like your thighs and hips and place it in areas that you’d like enhanced. Call today or use this website to book an appointment online and learn how you can benefit from a fat transfer.

What is a fat transfer?

A fat transfer is just like it sounds – your surgeon removes fat from one part of the body and moves (transfers) it to another with the goal of reshaping your appearance. Fat is usually removed from areas with fat cells to spare, like your thighs, belly, low back, or hips. 

After going through a refining process, the fat is then placed in predetermined areas that you’d 

like to enhance, which may include:

  • Breasts
  • Buttocks
  • Cheeks
  • Lips

The fat transfer adds a natural enhancement to these areas to give you subtle but noticeable, changes to your appearance. 

What types of physical concerns can a fat transfer address? 

A fat transfer can improve your curves and create a more youthful experience. You may choose a fat transfer to: 

  • Enhance your cheekbones
  • Create an hourglass shape to your physique
  • Fill in wrinkles on your face without the use of chemical fillers
  • Increase the size and shape of your buttocks or breasts

Make an appointment at Chestnut Wellness to discuss your aesthetic concerns to determine if fat transfer, or another treatment, is right for you. A fat transfer gives you subtle, natural-looking results. 

Am I a candidate for a fat transfer?

Dr. Blatchford reviews your overall health and aesthetic goals to determine if a fat transfer is the right treatment for you. You do need to be in overall good health and not smoke. Plus, you should be close to your ideal weight.

He’ll also assess whether you have enough fat on your body to use for a fat transfer. This is especially true if you want to enhance the size of your buttocks or breasts. 

How long do the effects of a fat transfer last?

A fat transfer is a permanent cosmetic procedure. Not all of the fat cells harvested during the procedure survive, however, so one treatment may not get you the results you desire. Usually, one treatment is enough for fat transfers on the face, but people looking for changes in volume in the breasts or buttocks may require multiple sessions.

Because the transferred fat cells need to develop a new blood supply, it takes about six months for you to see your final results. 

Call Chestnut Wellness today or use this website to schedule an appointment online and learn more about fat transfer's face and body-enhancing benefits.