Empower RF®

Empower RF® offered in Arkansas City, KS

Empower RF®

EmpowerRF® or as We at Chestnut Wellness call it 


  Is an innovative and effective treatment that enhances women’s wellness by reducing symptoms of urinary incontinence, tightening muscles, erasing lines, and revitalizing vaginal tissue. At Chestnut Wellness in Arkansas City, Kansas, board-certified surgeon Patrick Blatchford, MD, FACS, and certified nurse practitioner Heather Irving, NP, use EmpowerRF to restore women’s confidence and comfort. Call today or use the online tool to book an appointment and find out how EmpowerRF can change your life.

What is EmpowerRF®?

EmpowerRF is a versatile system that provides neuromuscular stimulation to strengthen weak pelvic floor muscles, reduce unwanted fat, improve blood circulation, and enhance vaginal comfort. The platform combines radiofrequency energy and electrical muscle stimulation to provoke healing. 

EmpowerRF induces tissue healing and collagen and elastin production without causing damage to your skin’s surface. The team at Chestnut Wellness customizes treatments to meet each patient’s specific needs. 

What does EmpowerRF treat?

EmpowerRF is a platform that includes several devices to treat: 

  • Urinary incontinence
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Painful intercourse
  • Vaginitis and atrophic vaginitis
  • Lichen sclerosis
  • Chronic urinary and vaginal infections
  • Fecal incontinence and poor anal sphincter tone
  • Hemmorroids

EmpowerRF boosts sexual wellness. In addition to improving the resiliency and comfort of tissue in the vaginal area, EmpowerRF also has the ability to melt fat and tighten muscles in the abdominal and buttock areas. 

How does EmpowerRF work?

EmpowerRF delivers thermal energy to the treated tissue. The heat shocks proteins to release in the tissues, causing fibroblast cells to produce collagen and elastin. The body supplies the area with more blood supply that increases cell production, resulting in healthier, more vibrant tissue. Just like all tissues in your body tissue in and around the vagina, labia, perineum and rectum also respond well to radiofrequency energy and cause tightening and increase collagen and elastin resulting in regeneration of more youthful tissue.

The increased collagen and elastin fibers also cause tightening of the tissue over time. The platform has a device called Tone that uses an electrical current that causes muscles to contract repeatedly, resulting in localized fat loss and muscle toning. in the abdomen and the vtone uses the same energy source it is just used in the vagina and rectum.


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Tone treatment


What happens during Empower RF treatments?

EmpowerRF treatments happen in the office and require no general anesthesia, large incisions, or downtime. Your provider glides the specially designed, sterile wand in and around your vagina to target all the tissue. Expect to feel pressure and mild heat but no pain. 

If you choose facial or body treatments, the technician applies the relevant EmpowerRF device to the treatment area. 

How many EmpowerRF treatments will I need?

Dr. Blatchford customizes your treatment according to your physical concerns, personal goals, and any other treatments you’re undergoing. You will notice results after just one treatment, but most women benefit from having 2-3 sessions. 

Do I need to schedule downtime following EmpowerRF?

Most women experience no discomfort following EmpowerRF and require no downtime. If you have slight discomfort after treatment, refrain from sexual intercourse for a few days. 

Schedule your EmpowerRF treatment today by calling Chestnut Wellness or reaching out online.